Internet of Things(IoT),


BigData, Computer Vision,

Cyber-Physical System(CPS)

Project: Many middle and low income countries around the world are likely to adopt Millennium Development Goal around the world. Online medical services or telemedicine are important issue among many other issues. Now a days the Online Health Monitoring System (OHMS) for all level of peoples are not an optional but compulsory demand for pregnant women in every country. Smartphones and smartphone proxy systems can be used for such purpose. A normal smart cell phones equipped with location and time identification capabilities and link to the internet for communication will assist developing such health monitoring system. Real time health monitoring system with affordable cost is the focus of current researches. The goal of our research is to build real time healthcare monitoring system that will monitor women patients during pregnancy period. Smart phone’s communications media like voice,  text, image and videos will be used for the monitoring purpose. A low cost sensor sensor devices with a low cost data processing device will be develoed for the health monitoring system. The system will deal with fetal heart rate, uterine contractions, fetal movement, and gender prediction purposes. This system will also predict gestational age & medical records store in the cloud server. This will be helpful for doctors for disease analysis.